Instant launch of an advertising campaign on the target audience in social networks

How we work

We create a strategy for product/service promotion using targeting.

  • We define ourselves from social. platform where advertising will be displayed.

  • We correctly configure and fill the advertising cabinet.

  • We determine the formats (teaser or universal advertisement) and campaign goals.

  • We create creatives.

  • We include in the advertisement the link that the user will get to after clicking.

  • We set the budget of the advertising campaign or bids.

  • We set the time frame of the campaign, frequency and display mode of advertising.

  • With the help of A/B testing, we determine the best picture, text and format.

  • The most effective options are selected and optimized.

Before the start, data is collected and a portrait of the potential client is compiled: age, city/country of residence, marital status, presence of children, interests, field of employment. There are a lot of similar questions, since the most accurate portrait of the CA will allow targeting as effectively as possible.

If you correctly calculate the necessary data of your business, the following advantages will appear:

  • thanks to the direct transition, the flow of potential customers to the site will increase several times;

  • queries will become more relevant to certain customer segments;

  • the ad will be personalized;

  • large coverage of CA;

  • competent allocation of the budget due to the low cost of the click;

  • virtually unlimited creative possibilities for advertising.

Several factors affect targeting success:

  • correctly composed portrait of the CA;

  • creativity in advertising (“catchy” content attracts attention and delays a potential client);

  • conditions for “maintenance” of the client after going to the site (organic design, intuitive navigation, relevance of the offer, good presentation of the product or service, etc.)

Our target specialists always use  an individual approach when creating a strategy and general principles of launching an advertising campaign, and ensure constant control of the quality of the ad and its ability to increase conversion.

We aim to lower the cost per click and are economical with the budget, thanks to

professional team of analysts, and receives exclusively reliable statistics and correct analysis.

Targeted advertising from Volcar Digital  — a tool to get the most out of social media and increase sales and followers.