Promotion of the site in search engines is a process that requires an exclusively individual approach. The strategy and method of promotion depends not only on your goals, but also on a number of factors:

  • activities of competitors;
  • the scale of promotion;
  • site topics;
  • initial parameters of the project (age, popularity, absence of technical errors);
  • features of the site structure;
  • requests being advanced (their number and frequency);
  • content;
  • Therefore, the price of website promotion cannot be the same for all projects – the process of calculating the budget for promotion is always individual.

How do we do it?

We are preparing an SEO strategy

We will individually prepare for you a detailed SEO strategy for search engine promotion of the site. We will show you where the project is now and how to reach your business goals.

Site audit

We will objectively evaluate the situation with the promotion of the site, identify its strengths and weaknesses, analyze the subject and competitors, and find promising growth points.

A clear plan

Let’s agree on a step-by-step plan of work for the next 3 months. We will indicate all the tasks that need to be performed during site optimization for the city, regions or other countries.

Determination of priorities

We start the promotion of sites with tasks that will bring the maximum result for the minimum costs. So you will get a real return from SEO promotion faster.

We are improving the technical condition of the site

We check all the pages of the site every month
When errors occur in the site’s code and settings, search engines incorrectly interpret its data. As a result, the site does not advance in the search. So that this does not happen, and the optimization and promotion of the sites go smoothly, we check all the pages of the project according to the checklist – it has 200 parameters. We detect errors automatically and manually. In the absence of technical errors, the site is ranked higher.

We increase traffic by working out the structure of the site

In order to improve the structure, we analyze three areas: the semantic core, the business theme, and the sales range of the site. Additionally, we define the structure by semantic categories and frequency distribution of requests. The correct structure of the site is the key to the rapid growth of organic traffic.

We create selling content pages

We add visual elements and improve the structure of the text
To make the content easy to understand, we add infographics, photos and videos. A clear and logical structure of the text ranks better in search engines and gives more conversions on your site.
In addition to copywriters, the editor additionally proofreads the texts, processes its semantic load. As a result, you get unique and convenient content that motivates your customers to place an order.

We make the mobile version of the site convenient

We analyze behavioral metrics, identify and correct usability errors. We will create an adapted version of the site, if it does not exist yet. It is easy to order and buy on a convenient website. We are increasing the loading speed of the mobile version of the site
For this, we use modern technologies, or create AMP in Google for product card pages and catalog pages. Higher speed means more conversions.