Contextual advertising is the most complex and therefore important segment of performance marketing. However, due to huge competition from advertisers, it is very overheated in terms of rates. It is necessary to perform better than the competition in order for the promotion to bring profit. And, accordingly, order contextual advertising from reliable contractors who love and know how to do it effectively, based on the specified goals.

Setting up contextual advertising with a minimum budget for the target audience.
Increased sales, attracting potential buyers and returning some customers back to your site are ensured/

How we work

  • Analysis of your target audience
  • Analysis of direct competitors
  • Defining the goals of the advertising campaign
  • Analysis of your landing pages
  • Selection of keywords and minus words
  • Writing advertisements
  • Setting up a contextual advertising campaign
  • Launching a contextual advertising campaign

We optimize the cost of attracting customers and increase the return on investment

We attract target customers and ensure high advertising efficiency

We provide convenient personal reports taking into account KPI business indicators

We fully immerse ourselves in the specifics of the business to choose advertising channels