Nowadays, the volume of information is growing and developing rapidly. The marketing tools used are also updated faster than we breathe.

Even if someone decides to write a table of contents for a book about working at Facebook, he manages to change the algorithms of his work.

Therefore, if you use only 1-2 channels of attracting customers, there is a high probability that customers will simply pass by and not even notice you.

If you have a comprehensive strategy and comprehensive marketing, you can at least not only attract a client to your office or to your website, but also retain them, and later return them if necessary.

After all, then you will have developed all the necessary tools for this. Sometimes it is long and expensive. But let’s be honest – then it is very effective.

How we work

Marketer – it’s not just advertising and PR. For us, these are primarily the results of the work, which should be quite tangible, and not from the series “Well, someone is doing something there, as if there is an effect”. No. Our marketer — he is a specialist who must do his job and get a result in the form of specific numbers.

It is unreasonable to assume that there is a certain number of key metrics on the basis of which the quality of product promotion can be evaluated. Each business has its own tasks and goals. Someone does not need new customers at all, and someone needs to keep a certain market share. Therefore, we will highlight only universal indicators for small business:

  • Number of new customers;

  • Cost of a new customer;

  • Cost of lead/application;

  • Number of repeat purchases;

  • The size of the average check.

We do not shift the number of repeat purchases to the shoulders of the sales department and do not look for culprits. We rely on our many years of experience, use the latest updates of marketing tools and come to a tangible result in numbers and profits, based on the goals that we set for our marketing department from the very beginning in any project.