Setting up web analytics of your site

Without monitoring site traffic and making adjustments to the operation of the resource, it is impossible to increase profits and actively develop business in the Internet space. Web analytics is an assistant in the analysis of behavioral processes of the target audience. 

Setting up web analytics is carried out using the Google Analytics tool, as well as an assistant such as Google Tag Manager.

Importance of web analysis tools

Web analytics tools – these are services that collect information about the actions of the visitor when he enters the site page. All of a person’s digital journeys are stored and processed by the system. In order for them to be transferred from the site to the web analytics system, a special tracking code is installed. Web analytics are used for:

  • identification of problem areas of the resource;

  • assessments of visual and psychological comfort of working on the site;

  • calculation of stable traffic sources;

  • identification of the most profitable and effective methods of attracting a new audience.

Before ordering the web analytics implementation service, it is necessary to decide on the goals set for the site. With proper configuration, the business owner will receive accurate data about the usability of the site, can analyze the behavioral factors of users and react in a timely manner to errors in the functioning of the service.

What is included in the web analytics setup service?

When applying to our agency for the “Web analytics” service – settings» specialists carry out a detailed analysis of the business according to the requested parameters. The received materials are visualized as graphs, charts and other data systematization tools. Based on the results of web analytics, the owner will be able to change or adjust the business marketing strategy and the advertising campaign being carried out at the promotion stage, if necessary. In order to correctly set up web analytics, our specialists carry out a number of actions.

Analyze the situation on the market, study the offers of competitors, determine the weak and strong points of the customer’s website. A further action plan is drawn up from the received data.

Conduct individual web analytics of existing client accounts, tags, labels, connections. They study the data on the conduct of advertising companies and make recommendations for setting up individual points of the advertising campaign.

Configure the analytical dashboard. It is a comprehensive web analytics reporting tool. It displays all the key indicators of the Internet service.

Web analytics – indispensable setting during e-commerce. If you order a web analytics setup service from our agency, experts use the Ecommerce Enhanced function in Google Analytics, which will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the website’s e-commerce. 

Using this method allows you to monitor the behavior of users on the site’s pages, their interaction with the products, and also helps to compile the task of editing and reconfiguring triggers. We do not work according to stable templates of web analytics systems, but develop our own tools to track user behavior on the site and their actions. We will help to carry out the technical condition of the resource, develop KPI for qualitative analysis of the efficiency of your resource.