Volcar is a project that presented us with new challenges. However, all challenges are always an opportunity to reach new heights and gain great experience!

The task: to create, launch and promote an online store on the European market, focused on several countries with appropriate translations and taking into account mental characteristics. In fact, it is a multi-brand and multi-product market that presents products from different countries of production and product segments. Take TOP 10 positions in organic search. Launch and optimize contextual and product advertising.


  • An in-depth analysis of the market was conducted, competitors and a number of other features were studied
  • A unique design was developed, an online market was launched
  • The site has been filled with products and content necessary for launch
  • Content translation into three languages
  • A marketing development strategy was developed and partially implemented
  • Configured and launched contextual and product advertising
  • Prepared, configured and launched an advertising campaign in social networks
  • A set of measures for organic promotion was carried out.


We continue the organic promotion of the project, constant work with content and content, program optimization and maintenance of this project. In the future, it is planned to launch two more language versions. Work on comprehensive promotion!