• You decided to transport your grandfather’s old car to a service station or landfill – How to call the tow truck?

  • Your car broke down on a trip and you do not have a contract with the assistance service – What will you do?

  • The tow truck offered by your assistant can arrive only after a few hours and you will have to reap in the heat or cold – How to save time and accelerate this process?

The solution exists!

Service on which users can order the tow truck in the place they need.

Open website

Confirm your location

Choose the nearest tow truck.

Instant benefit

Saving money

The cost of private evacuator services is much cheaper than the assistance services.


Pre-registration of all tow trucks and services. The possibility of tracking movement.

Saving time

Quick and convenient solution. Choose the nearest.


Market size

Approximate volume of the market of evacuation services in Ukraine


Competitive advantages